Quiet Company exists to create mindful experiences for the modern mind in Toronto. We are a pop up studio offering workshops and classes to bring meditation to all the corners of our city.

Join us and experience group meditation with our qualified instructors. The Quiet Company is inspired by many philosophies and practices. Bring an open mind and heart. All levels are welcome.Questions? Get in touch at info@quietcompany.ca

Founder of The Quiet Company, Emily Thring is a student of mindfulness and movement. A certified Pilates instructor, she came to the practice of meditation while trying to calm an anxious mind and understand her own heart.

Emily created The Quiet Company as a place for people to come together and find stillness in this busy city. She leads a team of some of the best teachers in the city to help you find a happier, more balanced and less stressed you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I wear? Anything you are comfortable sitting in, from workout clothes to a suit. Whatever is convenient. Bring an open heart and mind
  • What can I expect from class? Classes offer guided meditation with certified instructors. There are often breaks for discussion, but there is never pressure to share. You may experience breathing exercises, visualization or other styles. You don't have to contribute to the discussion if you're not comfortable. Questions are always encouraged.
  • What will I sit on? We have a mix of chairs and comfortable meditation cushions from our friends at REALthings cushions. You can decide what works for your body


Our Space & Policies 

We are a pop up studio operating in different locations. We ask that you try to arrive 5-10 mins prior to class start time to get set up

We will have cushions and chairs available for your comfort, which are available on a first come first serve basis.  If you have a preferred seat or cushion you would like to practice on please feel free to bring this along.


We ask that you remove your shoes upon arrival into the meditation space, and make yourself comfortable.

Check in with the class facilitator to ensure we have you signed in.  At this time, please advise of any special needs, injuries or conditions requiring attention or modification.


We understand that life happens, and that sometimes you may arrive late or need to leave early:

  • If you are running late, our policy holds that after a 5-minute grace period, you may not be admitted into the class.
  • If you need to leave class early, we kindly ask that you let your instructor know prior to class start and sit in the back or close to the door.  Please exercise a mindful attitude of minimal disruption regarding space and noise as you exit the room.


Booked classes maybe be cancelled up to two hours prior to the of start time. Due to our unique format and limited class sizes, should you not cancel out of a class in advance of these time windows you will be charged for the class and your account will be deducted accordingly.


Full payment is required to reserve/confirm a spot in a workshop or event.

No refunds will be issued within 24 hours of a workshop start date.