Am I ever going to be able to clear my mind? This is something we hear every day. Don’t worry, the goal is never to clear your mind because that’s impossible! We’re trying to create a healthy relationship with your thoughts so you aren’t as pulled by the noise in your mind. When you meditate you connect to yourself and can rest.

What do I wear? Anything you are comfortable sitting in, from workout clothes to a suit. Whatever is convenient!

Do you have a change room? We have a bathroom on site you are welcome to change in.

What can I expect from class? Classes offer guided meditation with certified instructors. There are often breaks for discussion, but there is never pressure to share. You may experience breathing exercises, visualization or other styles. You don't have to contribute to the discussion if you're not comfortable. Questions are always encouraged.

What will I sit on? We have a mix of chairs, back supports from Halfmoon and comfortable meditation cushions from our friends at REALthings cushions. We also have yoga mats and lots of props so you can decide what works for your body

Do you have a new student offer? Yes, we offer a 3 week unlimited trial for $45 if it’s your first time at the studio. Check it out and sign up here

How can I work with you? Right now we are not hiring but feel free to send a resume to

I want my office to meditate! Amazing! Email for details and rates