Corporate Meditation Programs

Want a happier, more focused and engaged team? Bring mindful moments to your office

Having spent time in the business world we understand the demands that are placed on you every day. We take traditional mindfulness techniques and put them into high performance language people will be able to apply to their day to day life.

In office meditation gives your team a chance to step away from their workstation and focus inward, boosting energy, creativity and productivity. You don't need a big space or any equipment, and you will immediately feel a difference.

How can meditation benefit your corporate culture? Mindfulness practices can help develop

  • Resilience

  • Focus and clarity

  • Creativity

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy

Offering includes

  • Workshops that cover a range of topics from meditation 101 to stress management

  • Guided meditation sessions of 15 or 30 minutes offered on a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis

  • Yoga or meditation + stretch classes

Please reach out for more details and pricing

The most important thing organizations can do to increase team mindfulness is to encourage present-focussed attention, non-judgmental processing, and respectful communication, as well as an openness to collecting and understanding information before processing it. This helps reduce emotional or reflexive responses, leaving room for teams with diverse knowledge and different functional backgrounds to reach a greater potential.
— Lingtao Yu and Mary Zellmer-Bruhn, "Introducing Team Mindfulness and Considering its Safeguard Role Against Conflict Transformation and Social Undermining" UBC Sauder School of Business, 2017

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