Corporate Meditation Programs

Want a happier, more focused and engaged team? Bring meditation to your office

Having spent time in the business world we understand the demands that are placed on you every day. Our mission is to support your business by make your employees happier, less stressed, more focused and productive. We take traditional mindfulness techniques and put them into high performance language your employees will be able to apply to their day to day life.

In office meditation gives employees a chance to step away from their workstation and focus inward, boosting energy, creativity and productivity. You don't need a big space or any equipment, and your employees will immediately feel a difference.

How can meditation benefit your corporate culture?

  • Meditation builds resilience - Meditation can help manage anxiety and therefore can boost resilience in stressful situations
  • Focus and clarity - 47% of the time people are thinking of things other than what they are doing. The pull of emails, texts and social media during a work day is real. Meditation teaches focus, curbing the tendency to distraction even boosting memory
  • Enhance creativity - People come up with some of our best ideas when we are in a relaxed and connected state of mind. Giving people space and permission to be quiet and step away from their inbox can support this
  • Boost emotional intelligence - Meditation can boost your mood and sense of connection to others. Neuroscientific research including brain imagery shows that meditation strengthens neuro-pathways which regulate stress response 

Offering includes

  • Workshops that cover a range of topics from meditation 101 and sleeping better  to stress management
  • Guided meditation sessions offered on a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis
  • Yoga and movement classes

We can bring our unique meditation classes and workshops to you, or create a custom program to fit your needs.  Please reach out for more details and pricing

What people are saying

Tokyo Smoke partnered with The Quiet Company to host a series of meditation and mindfulness sessions for our corporate staff with an aim to foster a collaborative work environment and assist with stress management. The results were immediate, the workshop provided the team with the practical tools that could be integrated into their daily routine with ease

- Daniel Okorn, Director of Experiential Marketing, Tokyo Smoke

We've been to several of The Quiet Co's group meditations and have loved our experience. The incredible and thoughtful teachers who spend time making every attendee comfortable and always put a unique spin on the practice have kept us coming back again and again. The opportunity to sit quietly and take a few moments of zen in the middle of a frenetic city is invaluable; there's nothing like leaving a group sit and then walking out into the madness of the city feeling a deep sense of calm. 

- Alyssa & Eme, Well TO Do

Before meeting Emily, I was unaware of the benefits meditation has on productive work, but now, with her program at Make Lemonade, I have seen an increase of focus, clarity, and intention with the work I do. The Quiet Co. is a fantastic way to slow down, so we can "speed up!" I cannot recommend her enough. 

- Rachel Kelly, Founder, Make Lemonade