Corporate Meditation Programs

Want a happier, more focused and engaged team? Bring mindful moments to your office

Having spent time in the business world we understand the demands that are placed on you every day. We take traditional mindfulness techniques and put them into high performance language people will be able to apply to their day to day life.

In office meditation gives your team a chance to step away from their workstation and focus inward, boosting energy, creativity and productivity. You don't need a big space or any equipment, and you will immediately feel a difference.

How can meditation benefit your corporate culture? Mindfulness practices can help develop

  • Resilience

  • Focus and clarity

  • Creativity

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy

Offering includes

  • Workshops that cover a range of topics from meditation 101 to stress management

  • Guided meditation sessions of 15 or 30 minutes offered on a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis

  • Yoga or meditation + stretch classes

Please reach out for more details and pricing

What people are saying

Tokyo Smoke partnered with The Quiet Company to host a series of meditation and mindfulness sessions for our corporate staff with an aim to foster a collaborative work environment and assist with stress management. The results were immediate, the workshop provided the team with the practical tools that could be integrated into their daily routine with ease

- Daniel Okorn, Director of Experiential Marketing, Tokyo Smoke

The Quiet Company's guided meditation is like the "Whale Sounds" soundtrack on steroids. Having learned how to meditate over a decade ago, one can forget how beneficial and productive guided meditation can be. The Quiet Company not only provides this, but they teach you mechanisms you can use when practicing alone as well. If you've considered trying meditation or have meditated before and want to start again, signing up with The Quiet Company is without reservation your best first step

- Anonymous

The Quiet Company conducted an onsite Mindfulness & Meditation session as part of our Mental Health Week program. In our fast-paced environment, it was really helpful to have Emily come in and lead a series of meditations and exercises that our firm members can use to promote wellness in their everyday lives. We received great feedback from our teams and hope to have the Quiet Company back again soon!

- Amanda Law, Human Resources Specialist, McMillan LLP

Before meeting Emily, I was unaware of the benefits meditation has on productive work, but now, with her program at Make Lemonade, I have seen an increase of focus, clarity, and intention with the work I do. The Quiet Co. is a fantastic way to slow down, so we can "speed up!" I cannot recommend her enough. 

- Rachel Kelly, Founder, Make Lemonade

Emily led my office through a guided meditation during our lunch hour and everyone loved it! It was a great way to break up the day and take an opportunity to concentrate on ourselves, our minds, and our breathing.

- Anonymous

“I have been going to the Quiet Company’s lunch time meditation sessions for three months now and just love my mid-day routine! It is a 15-minute walk from my office along bustling and vibrant King Street West, 15- or 30-minute guided meditation followed by a very relaxed walk back.
Mid-day breaks have never been this satisfying! Thank you, TQC!” 

- Anonymous


“I work with teams in multiple time zones and often have to wake up before 4 am. Normally on those 16 – hour work days, I have no choice but to have a nap in the early afternoon just to make it to dinner time without feeling worn out and drained. I noticed recently that when I go to the Quiet Company’s in office meditation I make it to dinner time and through to bedtime without any problem, feel full of energy, and don’t even think about needing rest or sleep for 16 hours. It is amazing but true: a simple 15-minute guided meditation can completely replace a one-hour siesta.” 

- Project Manager at International NGO

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